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How Exposed is Your Business to Cybercrime?

Hackers have taken to locking down computer networks until their demands are met, paralyzing small businesses to government entities. These attacks can cause costly disruptions to operations and the loss of critical information and data.
The F.B.I. warns that attacks are becoming ‘more targeted, sophisticated, and costly.’  Security experts state that ransomware has evolved into a lucrative industry and anticipate a continual increase in attacks.
Often a business is not aware that their system has been compromised until it is too late, and they see the hacker’s demands displayed.
Has your business taken all measures to prevent such an attack and have a plan to respond if needed?
Watch this video where Delcie Bean, the owner of Paragus Strategic I.T. and Team Toole members:
  • asseses cybersecurity risks for small and medium-sized businesses, including the newest threat of ransomware facing business owners – it is no longer just quietly paying funds for the data release.
  • shares real-life examples of businesses hacked, identifying the root cause, and how the situations resolved.
  • provides some practical tips for how organizations can strengthen their defenses to minimize their ransomware threat.
  • takes a look at insurance protection available
Understanding the threat is the first step to taking action against Cybercrime.