Welcome to the Toole Agency’s online resource for Life Insurance. Our online shopping service enables you to instantly obtain quotes from over 30 of the nation’s leading life insurance carriers, ensuring that you receive the best options. This service was created to provide you with all the benefits of dealing with the big “dot-com” companies, without sacrificing the personal service our independent insurance agency has provided to families and businesses since 1939. If at any time you need assistance you may email us by using the “contact us” link on your screen. During normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm, you may call us at 800-95-TOOLE (1-800-958-6653).

Before proceeding, please be careful to note that premiums for term life insurance policies may be GUARANTEED for less than the full term of the policy. In order to guarantee level premiums for the full term of the policy, select quote options showing a GUARANTEE period equal to the TERM period. (e.g. 20 year Guarantee, 20 year term).