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Wind, trees and insurance

By January 3, 2012July 23rd, 2021Personal Insurance & Risk Management

Throughout much of the country, heavy winds have been prevalent, knocking out power to homes and businesses, overturning vehicles and severely damaging structures due to flying debris or falling trees. As a result, it’s forced many Americans to review their home insurance policies to see if their plans cover wind-related damage.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, coverage for windstorms is unambiguous: if a tree hits a home or other insured structure as a result of wind gusts, virtually every standard homeowners insurance policy covers it, whether the tree is the owner’s or somebody else’s.

There are some exceptions, however. III states that occasionally, an insurer may try to collect from another insurance company if the tree belonged to a neighbor, especially if it was in poor condition prior to falling. Ultimately, however, III says the victim of the damage will not have to bear the cost, as if the insurer is unsuccessful, they will often reimburse them for the deductible.

If you are confused about claim filing or the circumstances that can lead to damage to your home, get in touch with your insurance agent who can help kind you through the process.