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TIP: Give that Christmas tree a drink

Unfortunately, there is nothing quite so flammable as a dry Christmas tree. The U.S. Fire Administration produced some scary videos on how quickly a dry tree can burn compared to a wet tree. Each year about 400 home fires are linked to trees or holiday lighting.

These 7 easy steps will help keep the holidays safe.

1. Keep the tree well watered. Refilling the water every day will help it last about two weeks.

2. Check before buying. A freshly cut tree will have a sticky trunk and the needles will not fall in a shower when touched.

3. Set it up away from heat vents and the fireplace.
Heated air just dries out a tree, and one shooting spark can cause a disaster.

4. Inspect the lights. Check for exposed or worn wires, as well as broken sockets.

5. Turn off the lights. Never leave a lit tree unattended. As the video shows, a tree can ignite in just seconds.

6. Recycle it. The branches of a tree are too volatile to dispose of in a fireplace.

7. Keep the tree well watered. This is the first and the last rule and it merits repeating.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.