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Three ways to avoid parking lot damage

parking lotWith more motorists on the road as families continue to enjoy summer and vacation season, drivers have likely noticed that parking lots are filled to capacity, especially those on the beach. With such tight quarters in these packed parking lots, dents and dings often arise from passengers exiting their vehicles and unintentionally scraping a nearby car.

According to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, some of the top types of damage in city parking lots include scratched bumpers, dented doors, scraped rims and broken side mirrors. Had motorists been more careful, these relatively minor incidents likely could have been avoided.

The Automobile Association of America offers some useful ways in which drivers can avoid parking lot damage and a potential auto insurance claim.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do, if possible, is park next to a car that’s new. The owner of it will likely want to keep it in pristine shape, thus will be careful about opening it too quickly. Additionally, when at a supermarket, avoid spaces that are adjacent to cart corrals. One that gets loose can easily scratch a vehicle’s paint job.

Finally, try to avoid parking next to two-door cars. Opt instead to situate the vehicle next to four-door sedans, as these doors tend to be shorter.