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Out-of-State Toll Violation Reciprocity — Maine, New Hampshire & Massachusetts

This just in from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

The states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts have signed an agreement that will enable each state to pursue out-of-state toll violators by marking their registration and/or license as non-renewable. This reciprocity agreement is the first of its kind in the nation and will be an extremely efective measure in enforcing toll violation laws within each of these states.

Below is a timeline clarification of how the process will work:

  • DOT/E-Z Pass processing centers for the three states will communicate unpaid toll violations to each other.
  • Once MassDOT/E-Z Pass receives notice from New Hampshire or Maine that Massachusetts residents have a toll violation, a letter will be sent warning Massachusetts violators that they must settle the violation with the state where the violation occurred (New Hampshire or Maine) within 30 days of receipt of the letter.
  • No further action is required if Massachusetts violators resolve their outstanding toll violation within the 30 day period.
  • If Massachusetts violators do not respond within the 30 day period, New Hampshire or Maine will notify MassDOT/E-Z Pass.
  • MassDOT/E-Z Pass will mark the violators’ record in ALARS for non-renewal.
  • Once the record is marked by MassDOT/E-Z Pass, the following fees become applicable:
    • RMV surcharge of $20.00 for each violation that is marked
    • $10.00 administrative fee for each violation that is marked

To remove the non-renew mark, Massachusetts violators must do the following:

  1. Pay the toll violation to either New Hampshire or Maine.
  2. Once they pay the toll violation to either New Hampshire or Maine, that state’s processing center will direct them back to MassDOT/E-Z Pass to pay the $20.00 RMV surcharge, and the $10.00 administrative fee to the following MassDOT/E-Z Pass contacts: Kathy Turner – 617.561.6196 or William Incrovato – 617.561.6197

MassDOT/RMV branches are not able to accept the $20.00 RMV surcharge or the $10.00 administrative fee for these New Hampshire and Maine toll violations. Branches will continue to accept payment for MassDOT/E-Z Pass
toll violations incurred in Massachusetts.

Ef ective May 2nd, 2012, the NRR (Non-Renew Registration) ALARS screen began to display the following new fields:

  • New State Code 704 for New Hampshire
  •  New State Code 705 for Maine
  • New Hampshire and Maine telephone numbers Massachusetts residents can call to pay the toll violation

Massachusetts residents who call the Telephone Center or come into an RMV branch inquiring about their nonrenew status due to out-of-state Maine or New Hampshire toll violations, should be given the New Hampshire and Maine telephone numbers, and/or the MassDOT/E-Z Pass contact information to pay the surcharge and administrative fees.

In keeping with our mission to provide excellent customer service, Telephone Center and branch personnel should also check the toll violators’ ALARS record for any additional violations they would need to resolve in order to have the non-renew status removed.