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NCSR: More than 7 million people ran red lights last year due to multitasking

By August 20, 2013July 23rd, 2021Personal Insurance & Risk Management

red lightAccording to the National Coalition for Safer Roads and Nonprofit advocacy group FocusDriven, there were an estimated 7.3 million instances last year wherein a driver made some type of violation at an intersection, usually running a red light. Of these, all of them were attributable to driving distracted.

This determination was made after looking at a sample of about 118 red-light camera intersections located across the country in 20 communities over a three-month period.

Even when using hands-free technology, distractions related to texting increase the risk of getting into an accident and filing an auto insurance claim. Researchers from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation came to this conclusion in a recent analysis.

“Distraction involves diverting attention away from driving,” said Dan Mayhew, lead author of the report and senior vice president of TIRF. “Based on the research evidence to date about distraction, there is cause for concern and support for safety measures directly focused on hands-free texting while driving, particularly in relation to young drivers, who are especially susceptible to distractions and already have an elevated crash risk.”