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Driver’s License Renewal Reminder

As you may know, the Mass. RMV has not mailed paper renewal notices since 2009 and it has recently discontinued its license renewal reminder e-mail service.

In response to this, our friend Brian Simoneau’s law office now provides driver’s license renewal reminders as a free public service.

In today’s society, a valid driver’s license is the most common form of identification requested by banks, nightclubs, liquor stores, rental car agencies, and other financial and governmental establishments. Whether an unsuspecting person is stopped by the police and found to be operating unlicensed, denied admittance to a government building, cannot cash a check, fill a prescription, or is denied travel at an airport security checkpoint, being caught with an expired license can be extremely frustrating. The goal of this public service is to prevent these situations.

Those interested in receiving these reminders can register by clicking HERE!

The information provided will be kept confidential and not released or used for any purpose other than to remind drivers of the expiration of their licenses. There is no advertising or solicitation associated with this free service.