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Below are links to Constant Contact emails that Toole Insurance released
with important information and resources regarding COVID-19.

Our team is here to help.  Please reach out to us if we can assist during this time.


9/14/20 MA PFML & COVID Legal Updates and HR Insights

  • Tracking Hours for Remote Workers
  • Revised FFCRA Regulations and DOL Q&A
  • FMSCA Trucking Exemption Extension
  • EEOC Updated Q&A
  • Return-to-Work Concerns and Employer’s Reputation
  • CDC Update on Quarantine Post COVID Exposure
  • FDA Safe Hand Sanitizer List
  • CDC Guide on Customer Safety Protocol Conflict

8/3/20 Increased D&O Concerns & COVID-19 Resources

  • Directors & Officers Exposures and Protection
  • I-9 Physical Inspection Exemption Extension
  • MA Travel Order Effective 8/1/20
  • Remote Work Considerations
  • Virtual Recruiting

7/24/20 MA Workers’ Compensation Bureau Release Rules on COVID-19 Payroll

  • Payments to Furloughed Non-Working Employees
  • Employees Re-assigned to Work from Home
  • Sole PRoprietor, Partners, LLC Member Payroll

7/22/20 DOL Q&A, Legal and HR Updates, Remote Work Insights

  • DOL Q&A on Workplace Laws and COVID-19
  • IRS Reporting of FFCRA on W-2
  • DOL Revised Optional FMLA Forms
  • FFMCSA Flexible Drug and Alcohol Testing Rates
  • 5 Ways COVID-19 is Reshaping HR
  • (8) Remote Work Tools and Insights
  • NY Workers Ineligible for COVID-19 Leave after Visiting States on NY Travel Advisory

7/2/20 MA Phase 3 Begins July 6th & Other Resources

  • What is included in Phase 3?
  • PPP Application Deadline Extension
  • When an Employee Reports They Have COVID-19
  • IRS Issues Guidance on Leave Donation Programs
  • DOL Launches Employee Tool for Accessing FFCRA Eligibility

7/1/20 Legal Risk Associated with Employment Decisions

  • Areas that COVID-19 Can Increase Exposure
  • Transferring Risk – EPLI
  • Mitigating Risk Actions

6/19/20 MA Moves Forward to Step 2 & Updated Tools and Resources

  • Businesses Impacted by Phase 2/ Step 2
  • SBA Streamlined PPP Loan Forgiveness Application
  • Updated EEOC Employer Guidance on COVID-19 and the ADA
  • OSHA Guidance on Returning to Work
  • HR Insights on Employer Brand and COVID-19, Contact Tracing in the Workplace and Preparing for Second Wave of Cases
  • FMCSA Temporary Drug Testing Waiver for Rehiring CMV Drivers

6/8/20 – Reopening in MA – Green Light Phase 2 and PPP

  • List of Businesses Included in Each Phase
  • Specific Safety Standards
  • State Compliance Documents
  • Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act 2020

6/3/20 Cyber – Your Business Exposed and Actions to Protect

  • Types of Cyber Criminal Tactics Used to Expose Your Business
  • Steps to Protect Your Business
  • Cyber Liability Insurance Protection

5/29/20 OSHA, EEOC, DOL, CDC Updates

  • OSHA Enforcement Policies including Recording Guidelines
  • EEOC Accommodating At-risk Employees
  • CDC Office Building Guidelines
  • Communication Checklist
  • Property Access Form
  • DOL Fluctuating Workweek OT Method

Webinar Invite – 6/4/20 Workers’ Compensation and Returning Workforce Considerations

Webinar Invite – 4 Part Series starting 6/10/20 – Mental Health Wellness in the Workplace

5/18/20 Reopening in MA

  • Sample Facilitator Workshop Guide
  • Employer Presentation Template for Returning Employees
  • MA Reopening Key Plan Components
  • Links to State Provided Reopening Resources
  • What to do after receiving a PPP loan

5/10/20 EEOC Updates , New I-9 Policy and More

  • EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on COVID-19 and the ADA
  • ThinkHR Webinar Recording – Compliance Matters: Layoffs, Furloughs, and Recalls
  • New I-9 Policy due to COVID-19
  • MA Registry Available for ‘Essential’ Transactions Only
  • ThinkHR Free Pandemic Training Courses

5/4/20 HR COVID-19 Toolkit and Return to Work Action Plans

  • Free Access to ThinkHR
  • HR Toolkit – Consolidated COVID-19 Resources
  • Wearing Facial Coverings
  • Practice & Policy Considerations in Advance of Return to Work
  • Guide to Creating a Return to Work Action Plan
  • Sample Return to Work Action Plan

4/29/20 EEOC & CDC Update on Employer Testing & COVID-19 Symptoms

  • EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on Testing Employees for COVID-19
  • CDC Expands List of COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Designing a Post COVID-19 Workplace
  • List and links to State Resources
  • List and links to Federal Resources

4/22/20 COVID-19 Payroll and Claim Impact on Your Future Workers’ Compensation

  • Excluding Payroll for Employees not Working –
  • Reallocating remote worker payroll into a lower rated class
  • COVID-19 Impact on Existing Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • COVID-19 Payroll and Claim Impact on Future Experience Modifications

4/20/20 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Small Business Recovery Grant Program

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Eligibility, FAQ, Guide
  • MA LISC Small Business Recovery Grant Program Application & Guide

4/16/20 Looking Forward – Opening America and Your Business

  • White House released plan to reopen America
  • Considerations to Reopening a Business after COVID-19 Shutdown

4/14/20 Potential Immediate COVID-19 Impact on Your Insurance

  • Changes in operations can impact insurance – included are 7 key areas to contact our agency and discuss  if apply to your business
  • Workers Compensation and General Liability premium basis adjustments
  • Handling of payroll for employees paid but not working

4/10/20 NY Executive Order Regarding Insurance Premiums

4/9/20 Here to Help – Telecommuting Guide and Resources

  • Telecommuting Guide
  • Keeping Remote Employees Engaged and Happy
  • Sample Telecommuting Arrangement Announcement, Policy, Authorization, and Checklist
  • Balancing Working from Home and Care-giving Responsibilities
  • Maintaining Mental Well-Being During a Quarantine
  • Working from Home Ergonomic Tips
  • Working from Home During COVID-19

4/8/20 Here to Help – Insurance Premium Payments During COVID-19 Crisis

  • Carrier Billing Phone Numbers and billing considerations

4/3/20 Here to Help – CARES Act , FFCRA Tax Credits, and more Resources

  • CARES Act – Small Business Loan Overview
  • Small Business Administration Guidance & Loans
  • IRS FAQs: Employee Retention Credits Under CARES Act
  • IRS FAQ on FFCRA Tax Credits for Self-Employed Individuals
  • Labor & Workforce Development COVID-19 Unemployment Info.
  • Dept. of Public Health COVID-19 Guidance and Directives
  • Managing  Remote Work Cyber Risk
  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act – Leave Request Sample Form
  • OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

3/26/20 Here to Help – DOL FAQS and Other Resources

  • DOL FAQ COVID-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits During Closures and Furloughs
  • DOL Issues Temporary Non-enforcement Policy for COVID-19 Paid Leave Rules
  • IRS Tax Guidance on Tax Credits for COVID-19 Paid Leave
  • COVID-19 Disruptions to CMV Driver Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Labor & Workforce Development COVID-19 Unemployment Info.
  • Dept. of Public Health COVID-19 Guidance and Directives

3/18/20 Congress Passes Law Requiring Paid Employee Leave

  • EEOC Issues Compliance Guidelines on COVID-19 and ADA
  • DOL  COVID-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Cyber Criminals Seeking to Capitalize on COVID-19

3/11/20 COVID-19 Considerations and Resources

  • Questions Arising for Your Business on Employee Safety, Remote Work, Insurance Impact
  • COVID-19 Compliance Issues
  • Sample Communication for Employees
  • CDC Interim Guide
  • Links to OSHA, WHO, HHS, EEOC, Mass. Dept. of Health


6/11/20 – Reopening MA Phase II – Lodging Safety Standards

  • Lodging includes short-term residential rentals including those through Airbnb and VRBO
  • Safety Standards and Checklist

5/17/20 COVID-19 Impacts on Personal Insurance & Coverage Considerations

  • COVID-19 Changes that Can Impact Insurance
  • Insurance savings considerations – Auto, Home & Others

4/23/20 Stay at Home Auto Discounts

  • Discounts offered by carriers during Stay at Home order

4/10/20 NY Executive Order Regarding Insurance Premiums

4/8/20 Here to Help – Insurance Premium Payments

  • Carrier Billing Phone Numbers and Premium Considerations

3/24/20 Our Team is Here for You

3/14/20 Change in Agency Operations

  • Changes in our Operations to Keep our Team Safe