May 2011: Workers’ Comp Advisory

Don’t be late for a very important date: Five steps that can lead to reduced Workers’ Comp premiums

The most important date for Workers’ Comp is not the renewal date. What you need to know about the valuation date and how it can help control costs… Read More.

The construction industry: leverage classifications to save money

While generally the Workers’ Compensation system classifies the overall business enterprise, classification in the construction business works differently providing both opportunities and challenges… Read More.

The causes of Workers’ Compensation retaliation claims

An examination of retaliation claims helps identify conduct that does and does not lead to claims… Read More.

Tips for training young workers

Statistics show that young workers are twice as likely to suffer an injury on a job that requires treatment than older, more experienced workers. Special attention needs to be given… Read More.

OSHA Watch

  • Appeals court upholds OSHA’s fall protection directive
  • Guidance document for fall protection in residential construction
  • Radiation dispersal from Japan
  • Guidance documents on use of spirometry
  • OSHRC rules on statute of limitations for recordkeeping violations
  • Recent fines
  • Read More.

Legal Corner

  • Workers’ Comp benefits do not include unreported tip income – MA
  • On-duty firefighter injured while playing basketball awarded Worker’s Comp – WI
  • High on marijuana, worker mauled by bear receives Workers’ Comp – Montana
  • Wellness program upheld despite charge for nonparticipation
  • Presumption of 100% impairment when worker unable to return to “usual employment” is not rigid – MS
  • 6th Circuit: Evidence of employee’s poor performance defeats ADA claim
  • Read More.

Case Study

A quick fix of the Mod heals a financial wound for physicians’ group
An error in an open claim report saves company $10,500 over three years. Read More.

Things you should know

  • Hair straightening products may release formaldehyde, OSHA warns
  • Final rule clarifies tip credit, comp time, fluctuating workweek
  • NIOSH releases bulletin on asbestos
  • Study: preventing falls on slippery surfaces
  • SSA resumes no match letters
  • Read More.