June 2012: Workers’ Comp Advisory

By June 27, 2012June 28th, 2012Business Insurance, Workers' Comp Advisors

NCCI update: What you need to know about the NCCI Experience Mod change and more
An update on the broad-reaching NCCI Experience Mod change and other critical Workers’ Compensation issues, were highlighted at the Annual Issues Symposium of NCCI, the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc., which manages the nation’s largest database of workers compensation insurance information…Read More.

New resources for summer hazards: heat and insects
A real time App that measures heat index and recommends preventive actions can be a cool way to engage workers and reinforce safety practices. Also a helpful resource for avoiding tick borne diseases…Read More.

Seven reasons why safety training fails
Many companies spend significant money and time on training that does little to create a safe work environment. Yet, by changing the approach and avoiding these seven common mistakes, companies can transform safety training from a perceived chore to an attitude that inspires workers to make safety an integral part of their daily tasks…Read More.

OSHA Watch

  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) effective May 25, 2012
  • New campaign to help prevent construction falls
  • New web page on protecting nail salon workers from on-the-job hazards
  • New directive on communications with victims’ families following a workplace fatality
  • New guide addresses safety for teenagers in workplace
  • New application materials for variance approval process
  • Recent fines and awards
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Legal Corner

  • Drug rehab required before further benefits can be determined – Louisiana
  • A RICO violation may arise from denied Workers’ Compensation benefits – Michigan
  • Cap on compensation awards applies to multiple injuries – New York
  • Officer entitled to benefits for injury reported six weeks later – North Carolina
  • Crooked nose not significantly unsightly to warrant compensation – Pennsylvania
  • Injured linesman denied benefits for failure to follow safety rules – Tennessee
  • Resignation from return to work assignment limits award – Tennessee
  • Death benefits awarded to widow of worker who died from prescription drug overdose – Texas
  • Brain injured worker denied benefits – Virginia
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Things you should know

  • EEOC promulgates guidance on employer use of criminal background checks
  • Evaluating employee performance: A crack in the bell curve
  • New rule establishes database of certified CMV medical examiners
  • Researchers recommend steps to reduce ‘blue light’ exposure
  • New EMS handbook covers occupational safety
  • In spite of lifting equipment, injuries common among CNAs in nursing homes: study
  • Physicians who own ambulatory surgical centers do more surgeries
  • Average cost of California indemnity claim reaches $66,922
  • California: Costs for spine disorders exceed average costs for all injuries
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