July 2012: Workers’ Comp Advisory

As rates firm, an audit review is essential
Many employers do not realize that classification and experience modification calculation errors are rampant in Workers’ Comp. As rates rise, more employers are pressing for reviews of their Workers’ Comp audits, with an eye to reducing premiums… Read More.

What employers can do to stop narcotic abuse
This “hair on fire” issue is leading to large costs for employers and bad outcomes for injured employees. Employers can play a role in breaking the cycle… Read More.

As obesity adds more weight to Workers’ Comp bills, employees blame workplace
When an obese worker is injured, the cost and duration of the claim is inevitably higher. Is your workplace contributing to the problem?… Read More.

OSHA Watch

  • OSHA steps up whistleblower efforts
  • OSHA and NIOSH issue hazard alert on ensuring workers in hydraulic fracturing operations have appropriate protections from silica exposure
  • Recent fines and awards
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Legal Corner

  • Widow denied survivor benefits after fatal overdose of pain medications – Connecticut
  • Employer-approved physician’s failure to provide timely care means unauthorized chiropractic care is compensable – Iowa
  • Accident during trip home to retrieve access card compensable – Nebraska
  • Computer programmer was no “volunteer” while cutting employer’s grass – Oklahoma
  • Injured in a fistfight, employee cannot collect benefits – New York
  • Worker entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits, though hire not authorized – North Carolina
  • State Supreme Court rules subcontractor has statutory employer – Pennsylvania
  • Intoxicated injured worker not entitled to Workers’ Comp – Pennsylvania
  • Statute of limitations for PTSD claim begins to run at diagnosis, not at the time of traumatic event – Tennessee
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Things you should know

  • Blunt-tip suture needles recommended to reduce injuries among health care workers
  • North Carolina passes law targeting employers without Workers’ Compensation
  • Chairs, phones most contaminated surfaces in office buildings
  • FMCSA shuts down 26 bus companies
  • MSHA issues safety alert on struck-by incidents
  • Working the night shift may lead to breast cancer
  • NIOSH publishes safe practices guide for nanomaterials
  • Diesel exhaust declared a carcinogen
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