February 2011: Workers’ Comp Advisory

By February 3, 2011July 18th, 2011Business Insurance, Workers' Comp Advisors

Medical treatment is key to Return-to-Work
Medical treatment easily trumps severity, job, age and co-morbidities as a determinate of return-to-work…
SIDEBAR: Drugs dispensed by doctors rise sharply in Workers’ Comp… Read More.

Posting OSHA 300A February 1 more important than ever
With OSHA’s increased emphasis on record keeping, the importance of thoroughness and accuracy in completing the report cannot be over emphasized… Read More.

Legal corner

  • Intoxicated worker awarded Workers’ Comp
  • Fitness for Duty Exams and ADA
  • Getting the Accommodation Right
  • EEOC charges rise, retaliation leads way
  • Read More.

OSHA watch

  • OSHA targets texting while driving on company business
  • OSHA focuses on “green jobs”
  • Recent fines
  • Read More.

Case Studies

Water & Sewer Company sees its insurance heading down the drain
When a third party shares responsibility for a workers’ compensation injury, subrogation should be explored… Read More.

Legislative update

Impact of GINA regulations on medical questionnaires, fitness for duty exams, and wellness programs
New regulations mean that employers must review and update their practices and all medical forms to ensure compliance… Read More.

Things you should know

  • Free online job description resource
  • New guidelines for pregnant women and lead exposure
  • New web page on tobacco smoke in workplace
  • Publication on preventing falls in hospitals
  • Skid-steer loader hazards alert
  • Work stress puts women at risk for heart disease: study
  • Read More.