Q. What kind of insurance does the Toole Agency handle?
A. We handle virtually all types and kinds of business insurance, including property, liability, worker’s compensation and group benefit plans.

Q. How do I know if I need to buy worker’s compensation?
A. Worker’s compensation coverage is mandatory in most states for any employer. In Massachusetts, all corporations must buy the coverage to comply with the law. To be sure, Contact Us.

Q. Do you offer any payment plans?
A. Yes, we offer many different payment plans to meet the specific needs of your business.

Q. How do I know if I have coverage for sexual harassment or discrimination claims?
A. Most likely you will need, or already have, a separate employment practices liability policy. Click here for more about this important coverage.



Question: When I discover my artwork has been stolen, who is the first person that I call? (police, insurance, art loss agency?)
Answer: The insured should contact the police immediately when a covered work is stolen , the quicker police response may yield important information . The agent should be notified right after the police have been summoned.

Question: What is the most common way art is stolen from private collections?
Answer: Burglary is the most common theft of artwork, proper security is essential to prevent this type of crime . Additionally , we have found that contractors or vendors working at the residence have come under scrutiny as possible perpetrators  .

Question: Will my insurance agency report the art to the art loss agencies and the FBI, or is that my responsibility?
Answer: The insurance carrier will work with the FBI to recover the work , the insured may be asked to assist with the investigation .

Question: What is the likelihood I will get my art back, how does that process work?
Answer: Unfortunately  less than 10% of stolen art is recovered , this underscores the need for proper security.

Question: If I have no art insurance, and something is stolen, what are my options?
Answer: You will need to work with law enforcement to recover  the work , if there is no insurance in place there are no good options for recovery.

Question: What are my reimbursements options if I have a current policy?
Answer: You can recover the amount of loss either with an agreed value policy or current market value . The options should be discussed with the broker.

Question: What red flags do I need to look out for when making a claim with my insurance company?
Answer: As long as the conditions of the policy are met and the application form is accurate there should be no red flags.

Question: How can I prevent against art theft?
Answer: There are numerous security measures to be taken Valuable assets in home and facilities may be protected by a general perimeter or motion based security system . Home and building alarms have become very sophisticated as have closed circuit surveillance equipment.