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525National Preparedness Month (NPM) was founded after 9/11 to increase preparedness in the U.S.  This year it focuses on strengthening communities through public events and online communities


FEMA created National Preparedness Community in 2003 to provide a free and easy way for individuals and organizations to share ideas, activities, and techniques to build their  preparedness capabilities.  Today there are over 37,000 members ranging from private sector businesses, colleges and universities, faith based organizations, state and local government, to first responders.

As a member of the Community, you will have the benefit of:

  • Access to Preparedness Resources
  • Participate in Preparedness Discussions
  • Join Regional Groups or ‘Communities’ specific to your sector
  • Receive National Announcements
  • Notification of Preparedness Events
  • Access to Preparedness Toolkit
  • Ready-to-use templates (Posters* Web banners* Widgets* Articles* Blog posts* Social media tips)


Ready Business helps small and medium-sized businesses prepare their employees, operations and assets in the event of an emergency. At Ready Business  you can find vital information on how to get started preparing your organization and addressing your unique needs during an emergency.

Ready Business offers tools for:

  • Planning (assess your risk, analyze impact on your business, and review options to mitigate  your risk)
  • Implementation (Resource Management, Emergency Response, Crisis Communication, Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Employee Assistance, Training)
  • Testing & Exercises
  • Review of Program and Corrective Actions

It also offers a ‘Business Continuity Planning Suite’ – including on-line handbooks, manuals, and plan generators.

A valuable tool at no cost and continually enhanced!

Additional Resources

“Get Your Business Prepared Earthquakes”  15 sec PSA (closed captioning)

“Get Your Business Prepared- Flood”    15 sec PSA (closed captioning)

“Get Your Business Ready for Disasters”  Video (closed captioning)


 As  your trusted advisors, we are here to assist you in preparing your business for a disaster.  Contact us if you are interested in additional resources that your carrier may offer to assist you in protecting your future.