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In today’s fast moving world, it is vital for all businesses to be able to operate at every possible moment. The inability to “work” could be catastrophic for your business.

For over 20 years, Agility Recovery Solutions has been enhancing business continuity plans by providing disaster recovery services for four key situations that could be crippling to your business – loss of: power, technology, connectivity, or use of your space.

Understanding the importance of having continual availability to our clients, the Toole Agency has been a member of Agility since 2006.

Agility Membership

The first step of your partnership with Agility would be the identification of your needs (i.e. trailers, servers, computers, work stations, satellite dish, etc.), should you lose power, technology, connectivity or your work space. Once this is determined, you would then be able to decide which one of Agility’s “ReadySuite” monthly plans is best suited for your needs.

Each “ReadySuite” tier includes the following:

  • Mobile Units – trailers and power generators with starter fuel delivered to designated recovery site within 48 hours
  • Quick Ship – desktop PC’s, Intel servers, Unix platforms, networking devices shipped to recovery site.
  • Satellite – installation of satellite dish with required cabling, routers, modems, etc.
  • Support – technical support for Agility’s infrastruture and technology hardware following mobile unit installation
  • De-Installation – removal of mobile units and equipment upon completion of event

The main variation between the suites is the number of workstations and servers provided. While Agility provides the above, you would need to provide the recovery site, any required fuel, waste disposal, permits, security, and IT support for recovery of your application systems and network infrastructure.

My Agility

Upon deciding on a “ReadySuite”, utilization of “My Agility” would be critical. This secure online portal provides numerous templates, checklists, and assessment forms to help you develop and store:
recovery plans – power, generator, technology, space, connectivity

  • your authorized personnel to initiate an Agility response
  • a plan for forwarding your primary phone numbers
  • technology requirements at the time of recovery
  • fixed asset inventory schedule
  • vital documents (i.e warranties, policies, etc.)
  • photos
  • list of employees, vendors, suppliers, contractors, and customer contacts
  • alert notifications to send emergency email and text messages to inform employees, customers, and vendors at time of the event

Agility Additional Resources

Outside of your event recovery needs, Agility continually offers the following on various disaster recovery and business continuity topics:

  • Video Library
  • Webinars
  • E-Newsletters
  • Blog
  • Weekly Recovery Tips
  • Disaster Recovery Website Links

As well, they can provide testing to satisfy requirements of regulators and your own risk managers. Depending on the “ReadySuite” elected, this may be done for no additional charge.

The Cost of Not Planning…

Let’s face it, no one really expects to encounter situations that will halt their operations because “It always happens to the other guy.” So it is natural to want to avoid the costs associated in proactively partnering with a company like Agility.
Being concerned about longevity, the following questions must be asked and answered. If you fail to secure a “connectivity recovery solution”,

  • how much will it cost your business?
  • would you experience an increase in disgruntled employees, payroll, down time, frustrated customers; and loss of immediate and/or future revenue?
  • would your business survive in the event of a disaster?

Most business owners hold the viewpoint that the cost associated with their Agility “ReadySuite” is really an investment in the financial stability of their company. The peace of mind that can come from partnering with Agility Recovery Solutions is priceless.