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Employer decisions about health reform may push up Workers’ Compensation costs

Just when employers begin to feel they are getting a handle on health care reform, an analysis by the NCCI concludes that decisions by employers on the implementation of the PPACA could affect Workers’ Compensation premiums…

Communicating with employees about health care options more important than ever

Employees are receiving many mixed messages from friends, media, co-workers and others that can be misleading or confusing. It’s important that employers get in front of the necessary communication now… Read More.

Taking the stress out of heat

Even though resources are plentiful and the cost of prevention is minimal, every year, thousands of workers become sick from exposure to heat and some die… Read More.

Five common Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mistakes

Even though the value of PPE is not news for employers, managers and employees, non-compliance is widespread. Here are five reasons why… Read More.

HR Tip: Background checks and Social Media

There are good reasons why the use of social networking websites as part of the hiring/background screening process remains limited… Read More.

OSHA Watch

  • Final rule to protect workers using cranes and derricks in demolition and underground construction
  • Combustible dust resource for emergency responders
  • OSHA responds to combustible dust, hazcom questions
  • OSHA issues ladder fall prevention booklet
  • Recent fines and awards
  • Read More.

Legal Corner

  • DOL provides PowerPoint and PDF presenting overview of FMLA
  • Lack of individual notices puts employer on the hook
  • DOL plans to increase on-site FMLA investigations

Workers’ Compensation

  • Injured worker due disability despite taking new job – Nebraska
  • Poor defense selection leads to reversal of denial of death benefits – New Mexico
  • Idiopathic fall from standing position to brick floor not compensable -Oregon
  • Injured worker who failed drug test not entitled to compensation – Pennsylvania
  • Injuries from random attack on telecom worker compensable – Rhode Island
  • Nursing home worker’s injury claim credible enough for compensation – Tennessee
  • Worker entitled to additional training benefits beyond 80 weeks – Wisconsin
  • Read More.

Things you should know

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issues WCMSA Reference Guide
  • Workers’ Compensation apps
  • Cost of drugs for Workers’ Compensation up in 2012
  • FMCSA shuts down Atlanta-based trucking company
  • Free Wellness videos
  • Study: Most people return to work after knee replacement surgery
  • New toolbox talks address construction falls
  • Study identifies healthy habits that reduce disease risk
  • Read More.