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Workers’ Comp “tail” continues to grow

The percentage of total claims for “late-term” costs – those that will be incurred 20 to 30 years in the future – has been growing and could continue to do so. Learn what is driving these legacy claims and how to control them… Read More.

Q & A’s: What you need to know about the 2013 deadline for OSHA’s New Hazard Communication Standard

OSHA’s adoption of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) brings major changes for employers whose personnel handle hazardous chemicals. While the first deadline in the implementation phase is December 1, 2013, there is much employers need to do to prepare… Read More.

Wellness study: Best practices to improve medical cost trends and employee health

Learn the results from an analysis of the workplace health management program practices that are most likely to result in improvements in medical cost trends and employee health status… Read More.

HR Tip: Millenniums and professionalism

Different attitudes about dress, work schedules, and flexibility as well as job expectations need to be addressed… Read More.

OSHA Watch

  • Whistleblower claims are rising
  • Proposed exemption to Cranes and Derricks Standard proceeds as NPRM
  • Hazard alert warns of methylene chloride dangers
  • Employers need to prevent CO exposure
  • Spanish-language version of Winter Storms page
  • New landscaping safety and health bulletin warns about hazards of operating unguarded stonecutters and splitters
  • Recent fines and awards
  • Read More.

Legal Corner

  • Little doubt that the expanded definition of disability leads to more claims of disability
  • Poor performance: chicken or egg?


  • New poster deadline March 8
  • American Bar Association (ABA) Summary of 2012 cases available
  • Side job does not prevent FMLA claim

Workers’ Compensation

  • Lawyer may not recover attorney fees from medical provider under common fund doctrine – Nebraska
  • No death benefit for scientist’s widow – New York
  • Obesity, diabetes not pre-existing conditions that allow for benefits – New York
  • Wal-Mart protected by exclusivity in wrongful death suit – North Carolina
  • Worker fails to link leukemia with work-related benzene exposure – North Carolina
  • No right to add new injury after C&R approval – Pennsylvania
  • Return to part-time work results in suspension of undocumented worker benefits – Pennsylvania
  • Temporary employee entitled to maximum benefits – Tennessee
  • Appellate Court refuses to adopt the Substantially Certain Rule related to intentional torts – Tennessee
  • Workers’ Compensation exclusive remedy for custodian who suffered emotional distress after cleaning up student’s suicide – Washington
  • Read More.

Things you should know

  • Worker safety influences quality of customer service
  • Obese motorists more likely to die during a crash: study
  • NIOSH issues hex chrome document
  • Retail group launches Safety Data Sheet (SDS) initiative
  • Special journal issue highlights research from safety symposium
  • Wet concrete cutting lowers silica concentration: study
  • Read More.