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Jim Carrey fined for failing to obtain workers’ compensation insurance

jim carreyJim Carrey has been fined $72,000 for allegedly failing to carry workers’ compensation insurance for employees at his New York art studio, according to a new report.

The 51-year-old comedian, who founded the Church of FFC studio in 2011, is being sued by the Workers’ Compensation Board of the State of New York, according to TMZ.

Legal filings claim Carrey has not paid the fine, forcing the board to take him to court, although the actor denies any wrongdoing.

Workers’ Compensation Law requires that ’employers obtain and continuously keep in effect workers’ compensation coverage for all their employees’, according to the WCB website.

Businesses are required to maintain a workers’ compensation insurance policy or self-insurance for workers’ compensation unless they are declared legally exempt.

The sole proprietor, partners or the president, secretary and treasurer of a corporation are personally liable for failure to obtain workers’ compensation or for any lapse in coverage.

The website states employers are liable ‘for a penalty of $2,000 per 10-day period of noncompliance’, in addition to any awards, including compensation and medical costs.

A spokesman for Carrey told TMZ the lawsuit is without merit and vowed to take swift action.

‘This is a clerical error on their part and will be cleared up immediately,’ the spokesman said.

The lawsuit would mark the second linked to Carrey’s Church of FFC, located in New York City’s West Village.

The actor in 2011 battled with city officials to maintain the front wall of his studio, which he had spray painted with the letters

‘F.F.C’ and a figurehead he calls ‘Baba’ after city officials had his original street art painted over.

In a video obtained by the website, the actor conceded at the time the work would likely be erased again in compliance with local law, although he vowed to continue his plight for street art.

‘It’s a little short-sighted, painting over art. Because, didn’t Basquiat start that way?

‘Not comparing myself but some good things came from that. Banksy… a heck of a lot of modern artists came from street art. You know, they’ve got their rules and stuff.

‘But it’s a very light-hearted thing. It’s a little bit rebellious at this point… but it is light-hearted,’ he said.

Carrey appeared to address a city worker who arrived to the scene after he painted over the exterior wall of the building.

‘This gentleman has a job to do. He has his rules and stuff like that so he’s doing his job so I wasn’t upset that he did his job. I’m just doing my job. I’m doing my job now as an artist. I’m putting it back up and they can take it down again if they want to. And it’s okay with me. I’ll even pay for it,’ he said.

Asked if he planned to re-paint the wall, Carrey said, ‘Probably.’

Watch the video HERE.

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* Defiant: Carrey spray painted an exterior wall of his art studio in New York City’s West Village on September 8, 2011 (Buzz Foto / Rex Features)