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Business owners advised to unplug electronics when not in use

Because electronic equipment can be a key component of a company’s function, business professionals generally have it insured under their business owners’ policy. However, in order to avoid filing a claim, an electronic assessment company reminds them to unplug their electronics whenever there is severe weather.

According to Zap Consulting, lightning losses accounted for $798 million in claims in 2009, based on statistics compiled from the Insurance Information Institute. Many of these claims could have been avoided, however, had business owners taken proper precautions.

To diminish the risk of electronic equipment being damaged, the consultancy company recommends unplugging equipment. In addition, for devices that are used sparingly, it may be a good idea to keep them unplugged all the time when not in use. Not only will this diminish the risk of electronics being fried by a lightning strike, it can also decrease electrical consumption, leading to lower electricity bills.

In addition, the source recommends having an electrician inspect the office space or building to make sure that the wiring for electric technologies has been properly installed. This can save business owners a lot of time and frustration.